our story

women owned | passion led | australian made

In the spirit of who Greta is, we’d love to introduce ourselves. 

Both from Melbourne, the idea of starting a business was created in mid 2020 during the onset of copious lockdowns and far to much time inside our homes. Having worked together previously, we would often dream about starting our own business together through our shared love of bright colours and bold patterns. It only took a Zoom call or two and well the rest is history - Greta was born.

Put simply, the idea of starting a homeware brand was born from the idea that we felt something was missing in the market, and so instead of trying to mould existing brands to suit what we're looking for, we thought why not create it. 

Greta has become a direct reflection of who we are, and what we stand for. She is bold, colourful, empowering and adventurous. She is confident in who she is and doesn’t take life too seriously. For us, she’s everything we admire. We know you’ll like her too. 

Our brand is deliberately imperfect and we believe longevity should fuel what you choose to put in your homes. We’re a simple, easy going brand and believe our purpose isn’t mass fad production- we’re far more considered than that.

We love what we do and who we do it for and we cannot wait to embark on this journey together. Thank you for your support. It means the world to us.


Ella & Anna

  • the meaning of greta

    Greta is bold, expressive and adventurous. Born from a love of fun colour and bright patterns, Greta exists to evoke joy and happiness. We seek inspiration from the finer moments in life and believe your home should reflect you and bring those feel good vibes everyday.

    Greta Home is a hassle-free, no fuss brand. We never over complicate what we do or what we’re striving to become and achieve as a small business. Our goals are purposeful and we're driven in more ways than one. Greta exists as an emblem for those who celebrate life, all without harming the environment or compromising on quality or affordability.

  • our mantra

    At Greta, our motto is simple: be your muse.

    For us, that’s about ignoring the noise and daring to be different. Celebrating you, and embracing individuality. Being bold, confident and comfortable in your own skin. Seeking adventure, being courageous, having fun. Above all, living life your way. After all, beautility exists in the diversity of the human race. It's those that see it that are the lucky ones.