For as long as I can remember, I have had sensitive skin. As a toddler and small child I had eczema on my body (which fortunately I grew out of), embarrassing break outs as a teen and even in more recent years as I’ve introduced new skin routines, I have sometimes broken out in little red dots. Yet despite my experiences, nothing quite prepared me for the flare up I went through early last year.

After a sailing trip in the Whitsundays, I started experiencing eczema-like symptoms on my face, around my mouth, nose and even on my eyelids. I originally thought it was a rash caused from too much sun exposure, but after some much needed skin hydration it didn’t heal, and actually became worse. 

To say it was uncomfortable would be an understatement... it was tear jerking! My skin was raw no matter what I did and I couldn’t quite work out how to soothe my face. 

After trying many creams, chatting to doctors and chemists, I finally purchased a compress cloth from a fabulous Aussie brand, and started following their gentle care instructions. I would run it under hot water then hold it on my face to create a steamy compress as this would soften and gently exfoliate my skin, allowing it to soak in all the goodness I was applying. It helped my skin so much I wanted to buy one for every day of the week! However this product cost me $28 and although it was worth every cent, I had just purchased my first home and couldn’t justify buying 6 or more... So being the savvy shopping I am, I went to my local fabric store and purchased a beautiful Japanese muslin cloth. Whilst sewing 6 new face washers it became clear I should introduce this product to Greta and make this divine beauty tool available to our Gen G community. I knew so many others who had experienced similar skin issues to me and I was having such success with it. 

Now, I should note two things:

This product didn’t cure my eczema, this flare up was triggered by a new yoghurt I was eating, it was upsetting my gut health and causing my immune system to react how it did on my face. Rather, the cloth helped soothe my skin and fast forward the healing process.

Secondly, I didn’t make a replica of my original face washer, as I wouldn’t even know where to source their fabric, but I was able to find and test a stunning French cotton which has created the same experience. I still use the original cloth I purchased and love it, I just know how expensive life is getting, plus not everyone can afford a product at that price point. So finding an alternative was the answer and it's important to Ella and I that Greta provides a budget friendly option.

This product allows me to take a couple moments each day to breathe, do something comforting for myself and honestly keeps my skin looking fresh and healthy. Our sissy has also had fab results using one of our demo washers and we would LOVE to hear any other success stories you or our community may experience as this product hits the market. 

Thank you for letting me share my little story and supporting G as always!

Anna xx

(Our French muslin cotton facewashers are available in two colourways (white or pink) and are packaged in custom Greta boxes- the perfect gift or storage solution. Sold in a set of 3).

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