We absolutely LOVE working with new small businesses and were so fortunate to have connected with Adriane, Jo and Kate from Tanica, a Sydney based low alcohol brand which oozes all the cool vibes!

Tanica, like us, was born during lockdown after (quote) 'one too many sugary spritzes'- I'm sure we can all relate right?! They wanted to create a delicious option that ensured there was no missing out on the fun of drinking, yet no hanxiety the next day too... oh so clever ladies!

So, enter, Tanica: No.1 slightly sweet with a ginger kick and the No. 2 more citrusy, herbaceous and fresh, perfect in a lighter marg or mojito. 

A mix of Australian native ingredients and botanicals- the perfect blend. The result? Utter deliciousness. Some of our fav cocktail blends can be viewed, and enjoyed below. Happy (& cautious) drinking - cheers to that!

To view Tanica's show stopping cocktail recipes, click here

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