For those new to our platform, to our brand, and just getting to know Greta, it's worthwhile mentioning the role of Gen Greta and our aspirations as a homewares brand.

Gen Greta exists us a platform for us to communicate, relate and share stories, words of wisdom from our community and those we look up too, and anything and everything else in between. We seek to be more than just a product based business which is transactional and very traditional. Greta is a friend within our homes, so Gen Greta exists to express, connect and share with you all. 

In true G style, and in being totally authentic and transparent, one thing we get asked ALL the time is how on earth do you design that? Where do you even start- the pattern? Those colours? So I thought I'd sit down and chat to the mastermind behind Greta's incredible designs and thoughtfully considered patterns and style, Anna.

Anna, the other half of Greta Home, is a talented graphic designer and during lockdown has become a self taught textile designer - incredible huh?!

Let's find out a bit more behind the design and inspo behind WANDER.


What was the key influence and inspiration behind Greta's W22 collection, WANDER?

We wanted to create a vibe that would compliment any room or home, whilst still being bold and expressive - and viola, the introduction of this seasons forest green became the hero of Wander.

Forest green, is a stunning colour, unisex by nature and complimentary to all seasons. It has a royal tone which makes it feel luxe, yet earthly undertones which help it feel calm and comfortable.  

In terms of inspiration, I always try to inverse myself in fashion and local art, to ensure our aesthetic extends beyond interiors and homewares. For wander, my main source of inspiration was textile design from abroad, keeping in mind the beautiful cities I have visited (pre COVID times sadly, although hello PARIS for my upcoming honeymoon!!). You will see this through the mosaic pattern of Shirley, the modern take on a floral in Ella and the tile design of Harlie.

When brainstorming for a new collection, what's the usual step-by-step process?

Being a designer, I'm always absorbing aesthetic cues - whether that's scrolling through social media, walking around my favourite stores, or just exploring the way Greta's personality can be bought to life on my iPad or iMac. Literally,  I'm constantly brainstorming, I even dream about Greta these days. 

There is a process that all designers undertake when creating work from scratch and most importantly, we must develop a concept eg. wander, then research and brainstorm how it can visually come to life.

Research is key and is similar to 'building foundations' or 'note taking' when planning an essay. It ensures the ground work is in place before you start piecing the puzzle together, mainly to prevent wasting time on a concept that wouldn't come to fruition. For me, research can sit within the walls of Pinterest, local artists and being inspired by experts within the field.

Following research, exploration is next where pattern ideation is created and refined, pushed, and further refined. The process is often endless until I feel as though it belongs within Greta's world. Often there are a million versions until we find that sweet spot. The 'aha' moment we call it. 

What's the thought process when choosing colours for a new collection?

Colours are probably the most difficult part of my process and something we spent a lot of time on. Understanding the psychology behind colours is important as there are many layers to how colours can make us feel.

As there is such an artistry in colour selection and it is such a powerful design element so we tend to have a large focus on selecting colours together between Ella & I. What we often draw and create digitally is not often how they appear on fabric, so testing, testing and more testing is really important.

The same is said for our non-digital print fabrics such as corduroy, linen and velvet - whilst the texture needs to be there, it is paramount the colour compliments and fits within what we're creating.

For Wander specifically, three colours are:

  • Pink, for us is a representation of genuine happiness, hence it is used across our first three collections in different ways.
  • Green, is a reflection of nature - it brings a sense of calm and peace and provides a sense of place.
  • The burgundy/pomegranate hues, are the deep and rich colours that provide warmth for the cooler months.


As a brand, we often push the boundaries of contrast and deliberately do so to be a fun and bold brand to ensure Greta is easily identifiable and unique product. We don't stick to fashion faud trends! 

Whilst we aim to introduce a new collection each season, each season is trans-seasonal, meaning all products will sit together in an imperfectly perfect way. It is our commitment to being an ethical and sustainable brand, and giving the Gen G community flexibility and opportunity to express themselves how they want across seasons. Also, no one can afford to buy a new set of homewares each season, so let's slowing build considered collections that bring the best out in our homes.


What part of the design process do you find most challenging?

That's a very good question! I think there's challenging parts in all of it. obviously colour selection is a big one, but other than that, literally just starting is often the most difficult. I have an idea but it's hard to articulate and it often takes a while for it to transpire. Patience is key - especially at the start of the design process. 

In saying that however, nothing is genuinely hard when you love it as much as I do - you could consider me a bit of a workaholic!

What part of the design process do you LOVE the most?

Definitely the end product and seeing it come to life - when we will see the whole collection together - shoot days have been so special, huge and it's bizarre being captured in them, but magical to see the the many hours of work come together.

Then when the final videos and collections are sent through for approval, Ella and I just pinch ourselves as we feel so lucky to actually be living out a dream, of starting our own business together.

Seeing the stunning photos and videos from our crazy talented friends has been so special. It makes it all real.

The other really special and exciting part is then sharing it with our beautiful community and seeing them interact with the product. 

If you had to describe WANDER in one word, what would it be?


Lastly, in your own words, what's the vibe of WANDER?

Calm, but never too collected!


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