Hello there! Welcome to our first journal post and the birth of Gen Greta. 

When toying with the idea of creating a homewares brand from our living rooms over Zoom in April 2020, we knew we always wanted to be more than just a product business. With ourselves as the customer in mind, we knew our products needed to reflect us and be bold enough from what already existed, but we also knew we wanted to exist with a greater purpose.

That famous one liner that we've all probably heard once or twice before by Simon Sinek 'people don't buy what you do, but why you do it'  became our internal mantra. A daily reminder of what we were striving for, and continue to strive for everyday. 

Sure, starting a business is challenging (really challenging sometimes) but almost anyone can do it (trust us, if we can, you can too!) but starting a business that blends both product and service and everything in between is, and will continue to be our greatest challenge- yet greatest joy. We believe we have a real ability to not just create a customer base that buys our products (don't get us wrong that's aaah-maazing), but grow a community that believes in Greta and what she stands for.

Gen Greta exists as a community to nurture and flourish like-minded individuals who represent Greta- bold, daring, adventurous, courageous. Fun loving and someone who seeks the finer things in life. She isn't overcomplicated and she enjoys running her own course. We seek to use our platform, and our Gen Greta platform here to connect with our community, to allow for our community to connect with one another, and to share ideas, inspo, aspirations, fun finds, recipes, playlists, book recommendations and anything else.

We shape this as much as our beautiful and ever so generous and supportive community, so please drop any recommendations, ideas or thoughts in the comment section below!


A & E.

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